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Hello world! | May 4, 2010

Nice to meet you blog world, I’m tired already. Just your average carnivore of words, knowledge, wit and all things DIY – especially backyard gardens, non-traditional nutrition,  community service and people power.  Currently cooking up home school lesson plans, budget conscience living,  and home based business.  Still in the taste test stage when it comes to Sabbath, family and date nights, sentence structure and plain old me time — I’ve heard that they’re in season.  Hopefully, this forum will serve as a helpful resting place for the mental marathon that often has me hitting our snooze button from an upright position.  Thanks for tuning in!


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  1. Just hit the snooze button AGAIN. Oh well, at least I’ve started!

    Comment by gwhizchucktown — May 4, 2010 @ 9:10 am

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