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Rising to the occasion | May 7, 2010

Bee Blog’s post on an awesome tuna sandwich just inspired me to share!  A couple of months ago, I found the best and easiest bread recipe ever on Mother Earth News.  I have a baking degree, but I also have three kids, a husband, two hens and a garden among other things, so if I can’t put it together in a few minutes, you can forget it.  The recipe’s pretty simple:

3 cups slightly warm water

1 1/2 tsp yeast

1 1/2 tsp salt (optional)

6 1/2 cups flour (can use a mix of all-purpose, whole wheat, bread flour)

Just mix it all together and 30 minutes later, you can start baking.  It’s enough for 4 loaves of bread.   The dough will keep in the frig for about a week and after 3 days, you’ll have some of the best sourdough ever without the work.  The recipe doubles easily and the dough freezes really well.

Two Fridays ago, my son and I used this bread as a home school math assignment.  Only problem was I was phoning in instructions from our backyard and accidentally told him to use tablespoons of yeast instead of teaspoons.  We mixed it up, threw it in the frig and went out for about an hour.  When we came home, the covered bowl had exploded and foamed like Cujo’s mouth.

Not being the kind that accepts defeat, I started pulling out clumps of dough by hand, adding water and flour until it was all accounted for.  This one basic dough turned into a plethora of home-baked goodness.

When the mixing mayhem started, my son took off running.  Four hours later we had raisin loaves, yeast rolls (with preformed frozen rolls), baguettes, cheese sticks and pizza dough (parmesan cheese, dried onions and garlic), and an awesome Breakfast bread creation that used whole oats, coconut, the homemade granola recipe I got in Brazil and molasses – DEELISH!

Now, thanks to Busy Bee, I’ll try recreating the whole grain bread from her Austrian Bakery lunch for my daughter’s school lunch tomorrow.  I’ll post pics asap.  Bye!


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